Schmitty at Wenoah Elementary School Wenonah ES Teachers & Students posed w/ Author Elly & Schmitty The Weather Dog after their high-energy show. I am sure every parent has had the daily monosyllabic conversation with their child which usually goes something like, “How was your day sweetie?” “Good” “What did you do today?” “Nothing” “What did you learn today?” “Nothing” “”Do you have homework?” “Yeah”… Well not much detail provided about their day during that talk and they certainly make you feel like they do not want to continue the conversation. This was certainly not the way my son came home last week! He started by wildly waving at me from his dismissal line like he couldn’t wait to talk to me... Read more

Pamela Maerinalbert-Bouton, Parent
Wenonah Elementary School
Lake Groove, NY

Schmitty & The Literacy Coach Signing a book for Universal Literacy Reading Coach Nelia Nunez after Schmitty The Weather Dog's STEAM Show As a Universal Literacy Teaching Coach for the in District 24 in Corona, New York, my goal is to help support and collaborate with teachers across grades K-2 in gaining success in their classrooms across the Five Pillars of Early Literacy - including writing! This is why it is so important to provide our students with rich experiences for them to cherish and share with others. One of those memorable experiences was meeting Schmitty the Weather Dog! Joined by Author Elly McGuire and Meteorologist Ron Trotta, Team Schmitty The Weather Dog visited PS 110 in Queens - right before World Read Aloud Day! What perfect timing! Students were absolutely elated to listen to Author Elly read about Schmitty's incredible journey towards self-discovery and confidence in pursuing her dreams, no matter the obstacle! Children are always on a reading adventure and learning about character traits from their beloved authors and who better than from Schmitty The Weather Dog! Not only did we listen to this beautiful, heartwarming story about courage and see the vivid, colorful illustrations, we met Schmitty the Weather Dog too! The auditorium became a wonder as Schmitty The Weather Dog and Meteorologist Ron greeted everyone and then went on to have a very engaging, interactive sing-along! The students of P.S. 110 will undoubtedly always remember Author Elly, Meteorologist Ron, and Schmitty the Weather Dog and will share their experience with their families and friends for years to come! I am so happy I was able to share that joy and have shared my experience with my colleagues, families and friends as well.

Nelia Nunez
Universal Literacy Reading Coach
Supporting 24Q110
Early Literacy Field Team/DECE
Queens, NY

Grundy Ave School Show with Schmitty the Weather Dog After the Grundy Ave School show, Jen, Danielle and Loretta from Eastern Suffolk BOCES pose w/ Schmitty The Weather Dog and Author Elly. Team Schmitty The Weather Dog not only brings energy and excitement to a room full of school children with weather related songs and trivia, but they also bring a message of self-confidence, perseverance and kindness. The students I observed listened attentively to Author Elly read the story of the heroic little pup and then they were actively engaged and excited to sing along with Meteorologist Ron and learn about weather. After the assembly ended the hallways were filled with students asking their teachers if they could read the story again and learn more about weather in class. Schmitty The Weather Dog's program brings STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) and SEL (Social Emotional Learning) to students in a fun, interactive and memorable way.

Loretta Corbisiero
Administrative Coordinator
Arts in Education
Eastern Suffolk BOCES
Bellport, NY

Principal Zacaro Staci, Author Elly and Schmitty The Weather Dog Author Elly & Schmitty The Weather Dog join Principal Zarcaro & Teacher Landi for a photo op after the STWD STEM Assembly. Back in August 2017 I was overly excited to meet the wonderful trio of Schmitty the Weather Dog and her two legged friends Ron the Meteorologist and Elly the energetic author. After minutes of being in their company I HAD to make sure they were invited to our school in Johnston, Rhode Island. I am a third grade teacher at Winsor Hill Elementary School. I stayed in contact with this amazing trio and was able to get them to come in for a presentation in October 2017. Their presentation was for over 225 students in grades 1-3. Well, I don't even have the words to put together...... Read more

Stacy Landi
3rd Grade Teacher
Winsor Hill Elementary School
Johnston, RI

STWD at A.T. Levy School Keeping a room full of PK, Kindergarten and First Grade students quiet and entertained is often very difficult to do. However, Author Elly, Meteorologist Ron and Schmitty the Weather Dog were able to do so without any problems. The children were so quiet and so interested in Schmitty's book. They loved the story and the adorable pictures. When real life Schmitty was introduced, the smiles all around were priceless. Children learned weather terms through songs and even the teachers were involved. Children from the audience were chosen to help out so they were all actively involved and eager to participate. What a wonderful assembly. Thanks Schmitty The Weather Dog!

Mary Jean Boucher
Resource Teacher
A.T. Levy School
Burrillville, RI

StrongPTOlovesSchmitty Pawsome picture created by PTO Prez & Proud Mom of her daughter at booksigning with Team Schmitty The Weather Dog. The Schmitty the Weather Dog assembly was a wonderful experience for our students. From the very beginning of the show, the children were entertained with fun music and high energy from Meteorologist Ron and Author Elly. While the pages were turned on the big screen above them, the kindergarten through fifth graders were hooked while listening to Author Elly read her book about Schmitty The Weather Dog's adventure. In addition, Meteorologist Ron combined music and song to teach weather vocabulary. There was a lot of laughter and love in our school that day! A sign of a successful learning experience is evident when your first grader comes home and starts quizzing you on weather trivia! I can't say enough positive words about Meteorologist Ron, Author Elly, and Schmitty The Weather Dog. They are a dynamic trio!

Angelique Bilodeau
Strong PTO Co-President & Parent
Plantsville, CT

Parent Pinchok son w R &_ STWD PTA top dog, Marshanda Pinchok and her son are very excited to meet the real live Schmitty The Weather Dog. Thank you again for visiting us and sharing your outstanding program. Your kindness was extraordinary and our school was all a buzz talking about the amazing program with Schmitty The Weather Dog. The pawcast was icing on the cake. All the kids (including my son) from Ms. Maner's class were so excited to receive the signed book. The extra time that you spent signing each book personally after the program was so very thoughtful. I know it makes for a long day, but you both showed outstanding consideration and enthusiasm before, during and after the show. It was a delight to host you in our school and personally get to spend extra time behind the scenes with you both. We hope that you felt welcomed and plan to return in the future.

Marshanda Pinchok
Vice President/Programs
PTA 2015-2016
Farragut Primary School
Knoxville, TN

Class poses w Team STWD cute! Posing with some Incarnation Pre-K scholars & Schmitty The Weather Dog fans “Hey Schmitty, Whaddya Say? Hey, what’s the weather today?” They’re still singing the chorus throughout the school day!! Incarnation School would like to send a big THANK YOU to Author Elly McGuire, Meteorologist Ron Trotta, and of course, Schmitty the Weather Dog. Our Pre-K group really enjoyed the show. Their eyes were glued to the book! The children loved being part of the show – learning big weather words through song. When I asked the children what their favorite part of the show was, they could not name just one. We had a long list of what we loved – the buttons, the songs, the book, and Schmitty The Weather Dog to name a few. The children felt loved when Schmitty gave them a goodbye kiss! We love having this amazing weather crew at our school!

Dominique Antonucci
Pre-K Teacher
Incarnation School
New York, NY

kindergarten kids in classroom cute! After her assembly, Schmitty The Weather Dog pays a special visit to Ms Vareika's Kindergarten Class. When Schmitty the Weather Dog was carried into the assembly…my kindergarten class screamed with excitement…ooohs and ahhhhs could be heard and smiles were abound! Schmitty was dressed in a teeny, tiny, yellow dress and of course matching sunglasses! The cute factor was off the charts!

I first was introduced to “Team Schmitty” (the author, Elly McGuire, meteorologist, Ron Trotta, and of course, Schmitty the weather dog) at the NSTA conference in Philadelphia. Their energy was contagious!

I purchased the book, Schmitty the Weather Dog, to read to my kindergarten class. My students ADORED the book and they couldn’t wait to meet the dog who helped his human dad fulfill his dream of being a meteorologist! They also couldn’t wait to share their stories of Schmitty with the real Schmitty!

The assembly was filled with catchy songs as well as audience participation to teach important weather words. Think vaudeville act with science and a tiny dog…GOLDMINE! Intertwined within the catchy songs and the science of meteorology was the important lesson of kindness to animals.

Elly and Ron and of course Schmitty The Weather Dog agreed to come to our classroom to listen to ALL of our stories. What a treat! It was a once-in-a-lifetime, up-close and personal, real-life author AND real-life characters interacting with kindergarten writers! A true classroom gem!

We couldn’t stop singing and smiling all day. Thank you for spreading your enthusiasm with us! Please come back again!

Marianne Vareika
Kindergarten Teacher
Wilbur and McMahon School
Little Compton, RI

Author Elly & Schmitty The Weather Dog signing a book for the South End School library with Principal Nattrass. Author Elly & Schmitty The Weather Dog signing a book for the South End School library with Principal Nattrass. We had a great experience hosting Schmitty the Weather Dog! Author Elly did a fantastic job reading her book, that was incredibly engaging for students! Our students in grades K through 5 all enjoyed her energy! The students were so excited to meet Schmitty after reading the story. Schmitty made a grand entrance with Ron, and the students were mesmerized! In addition to being a hit with the kids, they taught them a lot of great information about weather! They were even able to share this new learning with their family with the fact cards that went home with each student. The students were excited to learn the Schmitty the Weather Dog song, and I continued to hear students singing it long after Schmitty left. After the presentation, Schmitty The Weather Dog, Ron and Elly took the time to visit each class for a photo! This will be a great keepsake for our school. This was a great program for our school and I highly recommend it for any elementary school!

Erin Nattrass
South End Elementary School
Plantsville, CT

NYC STWD Science Assembly Sharon Rosen & STEM Specialists, Ellen Darensbourg & Rebecca Lugo are so glad they "booked" the Schmitty The Weather Dog Weather/Science Assembly! What a joy it was to have Schmitty the Weather Dog at the STEM Magnet Institute of Queens this morning! The students were absolutely mesmerized by the adorable Schmitty and her partners, Author Elly McGuire and Meteorologist Ron Trotta. Through a dynamic mixture of storytelling, singing, and interactive fun, this magical trio won the hearts of the three hundred K-2nd graders in attendance. Not only were the children treated to a reading of Elly’s book Schmitty the Weather Dog: Daydream, but they also learned important Weather Words, participated in a Q&A, and sang weather songs with Ron and his trusty keyboard. In addition to the explicit science and literacy benefits of this assembly, students also learned about compassion and respect as they carefully held out their hands for Schmitty to greet them with a sniff. I was amazed at the kindness the students displayed as they took great pains not to frighten Schmitty, and the kindness Elly and Ron showed the students, as they made sure that each and every one of the 300 children in attendance had his or her turn to personally interact with the adorable pooch. Overall, our staff and students had an awesome experience---thanks for everything!

Sharon Rosen
New York City Department of Education
District 28 Magnet Project Planner
Brooklyn, NY 11209

Schmitty Pawtographing at Paul Cuffee School Girls Just Want To Have STEM Fun! STEM Specialist Stacy Gale & Principal Carrie McWilliams hang out with Schmitty The Weather Dog as she paw-to-graphs her book. We had a fabulous morning with Elly, Ron and of course, Schmitty The Weather Dog! Our students really loved hearing the story of how brave little Schmitty helped save her human meteorologist Dad. Our K & 1st grade students learned all about the weather and new weather words The weather songs captured their attention and kept them singing throughout the day, and everyone in the whole school was buzzing about seeing the real live Schmitty The Weather Dog! How lucky to have an assembly with an author, a meteorologist and a pooch all in one!

Stacy Gale
STEM Specialist
Paul Cuffee School
Providence, RI

Susan Gold and Elly with Schmitty The Weather Dog Susan Gold, top dog of the Feynman School for gifted students, happily waits for her auotgraphed/pawtographed book for the school library. Author Elly McGuire, Meteorologist Ron Trotta and Schmitty the Weather Dog were pawsotively awesome! Our students from preschool through 5th grade were enthralled from beginning to end. Our youngest students were delighted by Elly’s reading of Schmitty the Weather Dog: Daydream. Then, when Ron and Schmitty entered the room, eyes grew wide and hands flew in the air, all eager to try to answer Ron’s weather questions. Elly and Ron adeptly differentiated their second show for our older students. Elly focused on following your passion by explaining how she came to write her book that combines her love of weather and dogs. Students were amazed to find out that it took her 35 drafts to get it just right! Then Ron (and Schmitty) really put them to the test with challenging questions about meteorology. These three created an atmosphere of pure joy and delight for both children and adults alike. A show no school should pass up!

Susan Gold
Head of School
Feynman School
North Bethesda, MD

Schmitty the Weather Dog at the Incarnation School Lots of smiles from the Incarnation School students after attending the Schmitty The Weather Dog STEM Assembly. Meteorologist? Tsunami? Hurricane? Big words for little mouths to say, but say them they did the day Schmitty the Weather Dog came to visit Incarnation School!

The assembly began as students from Pre-K to Grade 5 were treated to an animated reading of “Schmitty the Weather Dog” by author Elly McGuire, accompanied by a screen presentation so the audience could follow along. After a lively discussion about the story, who should pop out from behind the screen but Schmitty in person, (in dog?) along with master and meteorologist Ron Trotta! Students were beside themselves with excitement, but managed to stay cool so as not to frighten the adorable Yorkie!

Meteorologist Ron then proceeded to explain what causes weather and weather causes, introducing the multi-syllabic weather terms that made the audience sit up and take notice. During this time, Elly and Schmitty roamed the audience and encouraged lively participation. However, it was the “Hey Schmitty, Whaddya Say” musical ditty that really got the audience clapping and singing! Never underestimate the power of song! Suffice it to say that merely mentioning Schmitty The Weather Dog to the children, on the stairs, in the halls, in the cafeteria is sure to elicit the musical refrain that brings back wonderful memories of the day Schmitty The Weather Dog came to Incarnation!

As each student left the auditorium, he/she had the opportunity to give Schmitty The Weather Dog a friendly pat on the head or a chuck on the chin or a high-five paw-bump! Another triumph for man’s best friend!

The Students & Staff
The Incarnation School
New York, New York

Schmitty at Home Academy Principal DiMery is still singing after the Schmitty The Weather Dog STEM Assembly Take a cloudy day and mix 50 kindergarteners, a good book, the science of meteorology, a little song and dance and Schmitty the Weather Dog, and you have MAGIC! Ron and Elly captured their audience and all of our children eagerly participated. The Hope Academy and The Grace School kindergarteners fell in love with Schmitty. Jenna answered a tough weather question on her communication device and other students showed off their weather knowledge and saw their weather words put to song. The children loved learning all of the multi-syllabic weather words. Jermaine said the music made him want to dance. Some of our children may be dreaming of becoming meteorologists after this assembly, but ALL of our children are dreaming of becoming dog-owners with the hope of a tiny dog inspiring them to achieve all their hopes and dreams! Thank you so much, Ron and Elly. Please give Schmitty an extra dog treat from us!

Donna Dimery
Hope Academy
Providence, RI

Thank You! 4th Graders express their feelings after the Schmitty The Weather Science Weather Assembly and weather pawcast. On Friday, February 27, 2015, we at St. Columbanus School were truly blessed to be visited by Schmitty the Weather dog, meteorologist Ron Trotta, and author Elly McGuire. 150 Pre-K through 5th grade students were engaged in a wonderful assembly that was jam packed with fun, music, and science information. The kids just loved Author Elly’s animated reading of Schmitty the Weather Dog: Daydream, and were eager to participate in Ron’s meteorology lesson. Days later and the kids are still bopping down the halls singing Schmitty’s theme song! Most exciting for my fourth-graders was being able to join Meteorologist Ron and Schmitty the Weather Dog in a Pawcast for their YouTube channel! What a wonderful way to bring science to the students in a truly memorable way! Thank you so much for a fabulous Friday morning!

Jaimie Kane
4th Grade Teacher
St. Columbanus School
Cortlandt Manor, NY

Melissa and the STWD Team Melissa Ferraris joins Team Schmitty the Weather Dog after the show. On Wednesday February 25, the Pre-K students of PS 110K enjoyed a very unique STEM Weather/Science Assembly starring Schmitty the Weather Dog! Schmitty, a 4 pound Yorkshire Terrier who dresses for the weather, was accompanied by her “two-legged dad” meteorologist Ron Trotta and children’s author Elly McGuire. The assembly began with author Elly reading her book "Schmitty the Weather Dog: Daydream" to the students, teachers and parents in attendance. The story follows Schmitty’s use of her strong dog senses of hearing and scent to help predict the weather, thus helping her “two-legged dad” become a TV weatherman. The children were then introduced to the real-life Schmitty (wearing sunglasses, of course, on a very sunny day) by meteorologist Ron Trotta, who assured the children that the super calm Schmitty was really a dog and not a puppet! What followed was an interactive, musical weather lesson that was great fun for both the children and their parents, with the grand finale being a group sing-along to Schmitty’s own song. The assembly concluded with every child getting a chance to meet Schmitty personally for a sniff on the way back to class. The attentiveness of the students to the combination of literature, science and music spoke volumes to the success of the event, as did hearing the Pre-K students use weather words and continue to sing the Weather Dog song later on in class! This was a special day, and a wonderful time was had by all.

Melissa Ferraris
Director of Student Life
PS 110 - The Monitor School
Brooklyn, NY

The students and parents look on as Principal Cano Amato joins Team STWD for a quick pic. The Schmitty The Weather Dog Weather/Science Assembly, which was attended by our PreK students and their families, was well-planned with the right mix of a read aloud, weather words instruction, songs and, most importantly, opportunities for interaction for our youngest learners, as well as their parents.

Of course, Schmitty The Weather Dog was the star of the show. She is so well integrated into the program!! The students even got a chance to greet her as they were exiting the auditorium after having been taught how to approach her properly.

We so appreciate the book donated to our school library, especially an autographed copy with Elly's signature and Schmitty's paw print. Also, the buttons distributed to our staff and parents just added to the assembly's atmosphere.

Anna Cano Amato
PS 110 - The Monitor School
Brooklyn, NY

Schmitty at the Browning School Science Teacher, Emile Wolf (l), Head of Lower School, Laurie Gruhn (r) and Author Elly McGuire join Schmitty The Weather Dog for a pre-assembly pic. What a fantastic morning! Thank you so much for coming to our school and sharing this story as well as Schmitty the Weather Dog with us! The boys were singing the song all day long, and everyone has asked to borrow the book! Last but not least, you have created several budding meteorologists, as the students now have a much greater appreciation and understanding of weather! What an ideal Assembly program - literature, science and humanities all rolled into one. This was a real treat, and we are so grateful for your visit!

Laurie A Gruhn
Assistant Head of School
Head of Lower School
The Browning School
New York City, NY

Dr. Jan Mooney Frank Reading STWD After helping out with the Schmitty The Weather Dog Assembly, Dr Jan Mooney-Frank reads Schmitty's book at home with her pups. Thank you so much for joining us at Academy of Aerospace & Engineering Elementary. Your program was a big hit with our students.

My pups, Eleanor and Henry, are enjoying Schmitty The Weather Dog's book too.

Dr Jan Mooney-Frank
Stem Coach
CREC Academy of Aerospace and Engineering Elementary School
Rocky Hill, CT

Schmitty The Weather Dog paw-to-graphs books for Principal Gayle Hills & STEM Coach Dr Jan Mooney-Frank Schmitty The Weather Dog paw-to-graphs books for Principal Gayle Hills & STEM Coach Dr Jan Mooney-Frank after her weather/science assembly. Thank you Schmitty, Ron and Elly for a great event yesterday. Our students and faculty were delighted with the story, the music and of course getting to meet Schmitty The Weather Dog! Nearly 150 kindergarten and first grade students were mesmerized by the book and were enthusiastic about learning weather facts with Ron! I am sure that there were many dinner table discussions at home as children recounted their big day of learning with Schmitty The Weather Dog.

Thank you again for a delightful presentation.

Gayle Hills
CREC Academy of Aerospace and Engineering Elementary School
Rocky Hill, CT

STWD at CREC Ana Grace Academy of the Arts Principal Phelan poses for pics with Team Schmitty The Weather Dog after a PAWSOME assembly. Schmitty the Weather Dog was a huge hit at the Ana Grace Academy of the Arts Elementary School with our kindergarten, first and second grade students. Students had read the story beforehand with their teachers. Elly brought such an enthusiasm for reading that it was contagious and the students felt her excitement! Getting to actually meet Schmitty The Weather Dog was the topping on the cake for our students. Ron’s interactive singing with the students and his explanation of meteorology made the majority of the students raise their hands when they were asked if they would become meteorologists when they grew up. Thanks so much for your wonderful presentation. It was wonderful!

Patricia P. Phelan
CREC Ana Grace Academy of the Arts Elementary School
Avon, CT

Magnet Coordinator Ellen Darensbourg, Principal Diaz, and Ron Trotta Magnet Coordinator Ellen Darensbourg, Principal Diaz and STEM Institute students join Team Schmitty The Weather Dog after the assembly. I absolutely loved everything about the Schmitty the Weather Dog Science Assembly! It was a wonderful mixture of science, literature, AND entertainment! We learned about the weather, laughed about the weatherman, and became so enchanted with Schmitty. Elly and Ron were so lively and Elly's reading was so engaging that all the kids were simply riveted through out the whole event. The children were convinced Schmitty was a puppet and were delighted to discover she was real and that they all could meet her up close!

For a school that specializes in STEM education Schmitty the Weather Dog Science Assembly really hit the mark!

Ellen Darensbourg
Magnet Resource Specialist
STEM Institute of Manhattan
PS 241
New York, NY

1st Grade Teacher Becky Leuchte, Elly, and Schmitty the Weather Dog Teacher Becky Leuchte with her pup, Angie join Schmitty The Weather Dog & Author Elly for a paw signing of the Schmitty The Weather Dog:Daydream book. Schmitty The Weather Dog, Elly and Ron came to Merrymount Elementary School in June (2014) for a wonderful assembly for 400 students in grades Kindergarten-fifth grade. Everyone from teachers and students thoroughly enjoyed the presentation from the reading of the story to the singing of the Schmitty song. Students were engaged in learning the weather and excited to be visited by a real dog and a real weatherman. For the last two weeks of the school year students were singing the song and still talking about the presentation. Thank you so much for coming all the way to Massachusetts - we loved having you!!!

Becky Leuchte
Grade One Teacher
Merrymount Elementary School
Quincy, MA

Curriculum Top Dog Kathy Almanzar, Principal Carol Melucci, Librarian Lisa Casey join Schmitty the Weather Dog and Author Elly (l) Schmitty, the Weather Dog: Daydream by Elly McGuire is an engaging, witty, and delightfully illustrated children's book for elementary school-aged children. Children will fall in love with Schmitty as she devises a plan to get her weather dad, Ron, " on the air".

The " real" Schmitty is one lucky pup! On top of being adorable, well-behaved and intelligent, Schmitty has two incredibly talented parents, Elly McGuire and Ron Trotta. This terrific trio have created a dynamic presentation for elementary schools that is both educational and fun. Elly, a former teacher, informs her audience about her writing process and reads her book, Schmitty the Weather Dog, with an actor's ability to command her audience's full attention. The reading is followed by the introduction of the " real" Schmitty, one inspirational Yorkie, along her weather-loving musician dad, Ron. Ron's 10 Fun Facts about Weather, printed on a colorful card for each student to take home, provides the jumping off point for Ron's weather lesson. And as if that wasn't enough, the show closes on a high note with Ron's performing his original song about Schmitty!

"A combination of children's literature, science and music all wrapped in a dynamic 45 minute presentation for elementary school students that left our Melrose students asking, 'When will Schmitty, Ron and Elly be back?"

Kathy Almanzor
Director of Curriculum
Jamestown School Department
Jamestown, RI

Schmitty The Weather Dog pawtographs a book for Principal Swoboda while Meteorologist Ron & Author Elly help out. Schmitty doesn't disappoint! We fell in love with Schmitty and her extended family. The children were engaged and excited, the story was humorous, and the presentation was fast-moving and fun. The children are still doing the "Schmitty clap" when they want to show appreciation--but not too loudly!

Karen Swoboda
Msgr. Matthew F. Clarke Catholic School
Wakefield, RI

6th Grade Science Teacher Amy Resnick joins Schmitty the Weather Dog and Author Elly for a pawsigning. My name is Amy Resnick and I am a sixth-grade science teacher at The Segue Institute for Learning in Central Falls, Rhode Island. I am constantly looking for creative ways to connect units of study to the real world. One strategy that I enjoy is using children’s books. I had recently read an article about a Rhode Island native, Elly McGuire who had authored a children’s book telling the story of a man’s dream to become a meteorologist. This story was perfect for my classes as it connected what we learn in the classroom to an actual career they could pursue in the future. As part of our Atmosphere and Weather unit, I read Schmitty the Weather Dog: Daydream to my classes. The article also mentioned that Elly was currently in Rhode Island touring local schools with her fiancé, Meteorologist Ron Trotta, and Schmitty the Weather Dog.

I decided to do a little research and send an email to Elly and Ron. We were extremely fortunate to host an assembly with Meteorologist Ron Trotta, Author Elly McGuire, and Schmitty the Weather Dog the next week! This assembly included a read-aloud of Schmitty the Weather Dog: Daydream, a meteorologist segment with Ron Trotta, a sing-along, and a visit from the real Schmitty the Weather Dog! Students and staff enjoyed this animated and excitement-filled assembly! It was a perfect blend of science concepts, career knowledge, and just overall fun! I would highly recommend this assembly to any age range!

Amy Resnick
6th Grade Science Teacher
The Segue Institute for Learning
Central Falls, RI

STWD at Henry Barnard Laboratory School Rhode Island College President Nancy Carriuolo and HBS Principal F. Haven Starr join Team Schmitty The Weather Dog after their assembly. We enjoyed the lively and informative performance that embraced good literacy skills, including the authoring process, but also the science involved with Meteorologist Ron and the real live Schmitty The Weather Dog ... and with a musical thread. Our children do a lot of writing and it really resonated with them to hear about how the story came about. So, Elly, we are looking forward to your sequel! Thank you again for a delightful STEAM presentation.

F. Haven Starr
Henry Barnard Laboratory School
Providence, RI

Schmitty-pawsigning-resized-&-recropped Principal Donna Bettoncourt Galvin (r) poses w/ Meteorologist Ron, Author Elly & Schmitty The Weather Dog Schmitty The Weather Dog and his two legged Dad visited Saint Philomena School in Portsmouth, RI during Catholic Schools' Week. The children in grades Pre-K -2 were delighted with the animated reading of Schmitty The Weather Dog:Daydream by author Elly McGuire, followed by a weather lesson by Meteorologist Ron Trotta. One of the highlights of the presentation was the live appearance of Schmitty, a Yorkshire Terrier, who fielded the children's questions through her two-legged Dad, Ron. Elly signed and personalized her books for the students.

It was an outstanding performance and just right for this age group. I highly recommend this show.

Donna Bettencourt - Galvin
St. Philomena School
Portsmouth, RI

Librarian Marisa Mancini, Principal Beth Tanner, teachers Maria Bilyeu & Jane Thomson join Team Schmitty The Weather Dog for post assembly pics! Hi Schmitty....and human friends, Just wanted to thank you for the "pawsome" show today at Robertson. The students and teachers had a "dog gone" good time! I could hear them humming Schmitty's song during dismissal and talking about their own experiences with pets and New York City! The children loved hearing the story and looking at the illustrations of Schmitty. I'm sure that seeing a real author present their work will help them understand just what an author does and your weather facts will definitely come in handy while sharing during morning circle time. Who knows maybe we'll have a few budding meteorologists on our hands!

Thank you again for sharing your time, laughter, tail wagging, and weather knowledge with our students!

Librarian Marisa Mancini
Maria Bilyeu -
Jane Thomson -
& the Robertson crew
Robertson Elementary School
Central Falls, RI

Kindergarten Teacher Kim Hoffman (r) and Author Elly join Schmitty The Weather Dog for a pawsigning. Schmitty the Weather Dog and her two-legged folks visited our school with a huge amount of energy and cuteness! Elly read her book with enthusiasm and animation that kept our kindergarten thru second grade audience entertained and wildly excited to meet the star of the book, Schmitty! Schmitty and Ron, the weather guy, made their entrance and tapped into our science curiosities with lots of interesting weather facts that were printed on wonderful souvenir cards for all of the children. They ended the presentation with the Schmitty the Weather Dog song, which is an upbeat tune with fun and easy lyrics so that everyone could sing along. The children talked about Schmitty’s visit for days afterward. The adorable little yorkie and her two-legged folks won our hearts!

Kim Hoffman
Donald E. Schick Elementary School
Montoursville, PA

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