A Glowing Review from Winsor Hill Elementary School

Principal Zacaro Staci, Author Elly and Schmitty The Weather DogBack in August 2017 I was overly excited to meet the wonderful trio of Schmitty the Weather Dog and her two legged friends Ron the Meteorologist and Elly the energetic author. After minutes of being in their company I HAD to make sure they were invited to our school in Johnston, Rhode Island. I am a third grade teacher at Winsor Hill Elementary School. I stayed in contact with this amazing trio and was able to get them to come in for a presentation in October 2017. Their presentation was for over 225 students in grades 1-3. Well, I don’t even have the words to put together……

The teachers were in awe! Each received a “Schmitty the Weather Dog” pin to wear proudly on their shirts. They were involved and praised during the presentation. (Which is sometimes needed!) The kids were engaged fully and continued their knowledge days and weeks after the assembly. Our principal, Michele Zarcaro was overjoyed with their presence in the building.

Elly’s energy was contagious throughout the building for the entire day. “This was the BEST assembly I have ever been to!” were quotes from multiple educators, staff members and administrators. “The students had fun, came out of there with an abundance of knowledge and can’t wait to read the book again!” Elly’s oral reading of the book was inflected in such a way, it should be a Broadway production. Then……Schmitty came out to greet he audience with her little yellow sunglasses on! Oh my goodness, can you say adorable? The crowd went wild. Then….Ron the Meteorologist shared his many talents of singing, keyboard playing and entertaining knowledge of weather with the 300+ people. Children, staff, teachers, and administrators were singing and dancing. The students answered questions and were given buttons as a reward and were recognized by creative singing of their names.

After the assembly, Elly personally autographed each ordered book to the students. I was the glorified one to deliver personally the copies to the students and reaped the rewards of booking this wonderful event.

I can’t say enough. If you had the trio in your building before? Book them again! If you have not? What are you waiting for? This is going to be an assembly to remember. While walking through the halls the students still ask me, “How’s Schmitty?” And we are using the Schmitty Clap in our classrooms (a quiet clap not to hurt the little precious one’s ears).

I am honored to know this amazing team.

Stacy Landi
3rd Grade Teacher
Winsor Hill Elementary School
Johnston, RI

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