Team Schmitty The Weather Dog Covid Update

Written By: Schmitty The Weather Dog | March 12, 2021

Bow Wow! I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since we did our last Schmitty The Weather Dog Science Sing-Along Show! (Actually that would be 7 years for us dogs. But I digress).

Team STWD’s last show at Highland ES in Wallingford, CT on March 12th, 2020.

Because of the looming Coronavirus, all our school shows were canceled. But as humans like to say, “When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.” Meteorologist Ron, Author Elly and I did just that. We saw the writing on the wall and took our live STEM show on-line (YouTube – Schmitty The Weather Dog). We set up a studio in our cozy NYC apartment and started doing musical videos about the weather . . .

. . . science and conservation; we even did a song called “The Elbow Bump” to teach kids about avoiding germs to stay healthy. Then came the pandemic and sheltering in place. The whole world shut down and our kid vid production came to a screeching halt!

Team Schmitty The Weather Dog & Director/Videographer, Mimi, creating musical STWD kid videos pre-Covid.

Ironically, right after posting “The Elbow Bump” – Meteorologist Ron and Author Elly both got Covid 19. Ho crazy is that! Author Elly got through it with only a cough. (Hmm, come to think of it – I had a cough too!). But poor Meteorologist Ron – he had really bad chills, lost mobility and lots of weight.  We were all so scared for him.

After his struggle with Covid – Meteorologist Ron went to the hospital . . . for 148 days! He had infections in his spine and heart that caused two brain bleeds that paralyzed his whole left side. He lost 60 pounds (!) and was intubated twice for more than 20 days. On June 18th a pack of nine doctors and nurses told Author Elly that the Ron we knew would never be coming home and that she should let him go. What? We couldn’t do that! Just like we tell the kids we teach – never ever give up. And we didn’t!

Struggling to stay alive while Author Elly fights for Meteorologist Ron to get a new heart valve. They never gave up! 

After a whole summer of uncertainly and struggle, Author Elly moved Meteorologist Ron to Mount Sinai Hospital where awesome doctors and nurses gave him great care and the new aortic valve that he so desperately needed.

The amazing world renown heart surgeon and all-around nice guy, Dr Stelzer w/ Author Elly-cheering Ron on to rehab.

Then it was off to the hospital rehab for some intense therapy . . .

PT Nehal Patel from Mount Sinai Rehab pushing Ron to walk after heart surgery.

A month later, Meteorologist Ron finally came home . . .

A Yorkie welcome home! Meteorologist Ron is joined on his 1st outdoor outing by his pawsome cardiologist, Dr LaRocca, Author Elly, STWD & her 4-legged friends.

My tail has been wagging ever since. After being paralyzed and almost dying, Meteorologist Ron is learning to walk, talk and play piano all over again. He is amazing and getting better every day. Arf-Arf!

Meteorologist Ron’s health journey was so incredible that the New York Daily News even wrote an article about it . . .

Persistence, determination, hope’: Dog-walking doctor’s random Central Park meeting with old friend becomes a live-saver

ABC TV in New York did a story about Ron’s recovery too . . .

I’ve been posting fun pictures and videos of Meteorologist Ron, Author Elly and moi on my Instagram and Facebook accounts (@SchmittyTheWeatherDog) and Twitter too (@SchmittySays). We have even been doing videos of my catchy “Yappy Happy Birthday” song for high profile humans. After being paralyzed, check out Meteorologist Ron talking, singing and playing piano – all at the same time. Music is therapy, that’s for sure!

I love this video of us playing our “Yappy Happy Birthday” song for Dr. Fauci on his 80th birthday! Makes my tail wag!

Once everything is back to a new kind of normal (whatever that is) Team Schmitty The Weather Dog’s dream is to get back to teaching kids about weather, science and helping to save the planet with a new musical kids’ show.  With persistence and determination – I know we can do this!

Oh yes – I almost forgot . . .

BREAKING NEWS: Even after almost dying and his whole left side paralyzed – including his left hand and vocal chord – Musical Meteorologist Ron & 3 X World Champion Ragtime Piano Player just auditioned for America’s Got Talent. How pawsome is that? Will keep you updated. We’ve got our fingers and paws crossed!

Meteorologist Ron’s audition pic for America’s Got Talent. His journey? Amazing!

Thanks for all your kind words, love and support. They are working! And don’t forget – NEVER GIVE UP!

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