BOW WOW! Taking SEL & STEM To The Sachem School District!

Written By: Schmitty The Weather Dog | November 12, 2018

My tail was waggin’ when the Sachem School District called to invite Meteorologist Ron, Author Elly and me to bring our SEL/STEM program to the 2nd graders in their 10 elementary schools in Suffolk County, Long Island, New York last month. BOW WOW! What an honor! What a commute! Arf-Arf!

On the road again! Arf-Arf!

10 schools and lots and lots of pics later – here are my favorites from our Schmitty The Weather Dog Science Sing-Along Show Tour!

Making Team Schmitty The Weather Dog introductions to the Nokomis School 2nd graders. What fun! Arf-Arf!

Hiawatha School’s pawsome Principal O’Farrell gets into the act with Team Schmitty The Weather Dog.

You could hear a Cayuga School pin drop as Author Elly reads her Schmitty The Weather Dog book to the students.

Eager Grundy School kids ready to answer “How did it make you feel when Schmitty The Weather Dog saved the day?”

“Everybody Say O-O-O” with some of the Lynwood Avenue School kids.

Weather kids from Cayuga School. Can you say “precipitation?”

“O-O-O how much fun the Merrimac School 2nd graders have singing that friction causes lightening . . .”

Chippewa students want to know if Schmitty The Weather Dog is a puppet or a real dog.

“Will it be sunshine will it be fog . . . ” sings the enthusiastic Hiawatha teachers . . .

Super fun Waverly School teachers pose with their students after a super fun STWD science sing-along! Bow-Wow!

Ms Roddin and her students from the Tamarac School pose with Author Elly & moi after the show Arf-Arf!

How low can you go? Wenonah School teachers join their 2nd grade students for a fun pic!

And speaking/barking of Wenonah School, I thought you might want to read what one Wenonah parent wrote . . . #blush!

I am sure every parent has had the daily monosyllabic conversation with their child which usually goes something like, “How was your day sweetie?” “Good” “What did you do today?” “Nothing” “What did you learn today?” “Nothing” “”Do you have homework?” “Yeah”…  Well not much detail provided about their day during that talk and they certainly make you feel like they do not want to continue the conversation.  This was certainly not the way my son came home last week!  He started by wildly waving at me from his dismissal line like he couldn’t wait to talk to me.  Then came the giant hug and the beginning of a two hour word for word description of a presentation he had at school.  Schmitty The Weather Dog and her friends had come to Wenonah Elementary School and opened my son’s eyes to the exciting world of weather! Paul learned about the many forms weather can take from sunshine to fog.  He learned that precipitation can be rain, snow, hail, or sleet.  Paul knew that lightning and thunder usually came together but now he knew that lightning caused thunder.

This tiny dog and her human friends explained the concept of global warming, and the differences between tornadoes and hurricanes in such a creative way that my son was hooked on science!  For days our entire family couldn’t stop singing the “Schmitty The Weather Dog” theme song.  Yes, even my 18 year old daughter was caught up in the Schmitty fever that swept thru our home.  Paul even sat down with our dog Max and explained that he could be contributing more to the family since Schmitty was so well behaved and quite frankly so well dressed! We are working on Max but as for Paul whose birthday was coming very quickly all he wanted was the Schmitty The Weather Dog: Daydream book.  What parent wouldn’t love that?  He went to school like every other day and came home with a song in his heart, literally, and a passion for life and the weather that affects it.  I couldn’t be more appreciative to Wenonah Elementary School for bringing in such an amazing presentation and I couldn’t be more appreciative to Schmitty The Weather Dog, Meteorologist Ron and Author Elly for brightening the lives of my children and having a positive and lasting impact on my son.  Schmitty, you are number one in my book (don’t tell Max)!

Pamela Martinalbert-Bouton
Wenonah Elementary School
Lake Grove, NY

A four paws up to the 2-legged folks at ESBOCES for helping to make this tour possible. BOW WOW!

And here’s a review from one of the top dogs at ESBOCE . . .

Team Schmitty The Weather Dog not only brings energy and excitement to a room full of school children with weather related songs and trivia, but they also bring a message of self-confidence, perseverance and kindness. Read More

Go Waverly Wolverines! I’m glad this is just a statue! It is just a statue, right?

Thank you, Sachem School District. You rock/bark! Arf-Arf!


OK, I’ve gotta go nap!

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