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Schmitty The Weather Dog Celebrates with David Frei on His Birthday

Written By: Schmitty The Weather Dog | April 05, 2013

Thank you Liza Minnelli!  Why?  Because she wasn’t using her special table at a famous restaurant in NYC.  Which meant we could use it  to celebrate the birthday of our good friend, David Frei.  Yup, that David Frei, the legendary voice of Westminster and the National Dog Show.  So what makes this table so special you ask?  It’s tucked away in a cozy corner off the beaten path from most diners and waiters.   Perfect for me to sneak in, make the hang and pose for this fun picture with my weather partner, Meteorologist Ron,  Mr David and his yummy piece of birthday cheesecake.   Can anyone tell what famous restaurant we are in?

Schmitty the Weather Dog, Ron & David Frei

Schmitty The Weather Dog & Meteorologist Ron Trotta celebrating with David Frei on his birthday!

One can only dream that someday pups won’t have to sneak around and will be able to dine out with their humans everywhere.  I hear in Paris, dogs can sit and eat right at the table of most restaurants.  Viva la France!  Viva David Frei’s birthday!  And Viva my new blog!  Whatever that means.  Arf-Arf!

  • Tom Collins

    Wow, Schmitty the Weather Dog with her “arm candy” guys! ;-D
    Oh, and Happy Birthday to David Frei, too!

  • Shari Beshore

    Looks like a fun afternoon, Schmitty! David and Ron both have great smiles, as always!

  • Theresa O’Connell

    Wish David a very Happy Birthday fur us! Love your new bloggie! Schmitty, you look “mahvelous”!

    Prudence & Theresa, aka @tildatoo

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